Fender Mustang Guitar Amplifier – A Sneak Peak at


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Fender Mustang Guitar Amplifier – A Sneak Peak at the Venerable Company’s New Line of Modeling Amps

Just in time for the vacation shopping season, Fender unveiled its
of Mustang guitar amplifiers this past week. We got a sneak peak at the new Fender Mustang II amp yesterday here at the Austin Bazaar office. The Texas revenue rep for Fender arrived into our workplace and gave us a demonstration of the Mustang amp in conjunction with the Fender Fuse software package platform.

The Fender Mustang guitar amp is a very low-expense modeling amplifier that simulates a array of classic guitar tones and results. Priced as reduced as $one hundred, the Fender Mustang is a guitar amp that anybody can manage. The twenty-watt Fender Mustang I is marketed for $one hundred, whilst the 40-watt Fender Mustang II goes for $200.

Not only was the Mustang II amp that we saw louder than I’d expected offered its dimensions, its modeling capacity was spot-on exact. The Fender Mustang arrives preloaded with 24 individual amp presets organized in three banks of eight: ’57 Deluxe, ’59 Bassman, ’65 Twin Reverb, British 60s, British 80s, American 90s, Metal 2000, and Super-Sonic.

It was clear that Fender place a lot of investigation and improvement into the modeling capabilities of the Mustang. Our resident guitar wiz here at the office gave the amp a try out and with out much work was ready to simulate the searing metal crunch of Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell as nicely as the unmistakable tone of Jimi Hendrix with a fast twist of a knob. It was a good deal of exciting to go from metal shredding to a clean, traditional Fender sound just like that, devoid of any pedals or anything like that.

In addition to the amp-modeling capabilities, there’s a bunch of modulation and delay/reverb results, a dozen of every, to be specific. There’s also a chromatic tuner as an extra bonus.

In addition to the handle panel functions, the Fender Mustang amps sync with the Fender Fuse software program platform. This opens up the door to a whole new planet of presets and editing. We didn’t have considerably of a opportunity to toy with this, but it’s distinct that there’s likely for hrs of experimentation and manipulation. Fender is surely onto anything new and thrilling with their Fuse application. It’ll be exciting to see how it develops in the coming many years as more and additional consumers get related to the platform and begin sharing with other folks. For superior and for even worse, it would seem like this is the way amp technologies is headed today.

All in all, the Fender Mustang amp that we saw was awfully extraordinary for a modeling amp, in certain for its size and price stage. Not only is it a whole lot of fun to play with, especially for Fuse customers, but it’s a sensible amp for individuals who online headshop want a great deal of attributes for not a lot of dollars. It’s also sensible from the standpoint that it doesn’t consider up a great deal of area. At 8.7 x eighteen.25 x 17.25 inches and 24 kilos (and that’s for the Mustang II, the larger of the two), it’s a comparatively little amp and doesn’t call for significantly in the way of pedals or results. You just plug in your guitar and play. Hooking up your laptop computer to use Fuse is optional, of course.

As with the Fender G-DEC series, the Mustang amps aren’t for every person. For somebody like me who came of age taking part in htc droid a Super Reverb, there’s no acquiring about the simple fact that the Mustang is a stable state amp without tubes. For some purists, the proposition will possibly get started and conclude on the issue of tubes. The good thing is, there are a lot of tube amps on the market place for those who dislike stable state know-how. At the identical time, great luck obtaining a superior-top quality tube amp in this selling price range!

From a individual standpoint, I was seriously fired up by the amp-modeling capabilities of the Mustang. It could not be a tube 4 gevo amp and it could not rival a Very hot Rod Deluxe or Tremendous-Sonic Combo, but the Mustang certain sounds like the genuine deal. For only one particular or two hundred bucks, you’re obtaining wonderful worth for your dollar with the Fender Mustang guitar amp sequence. It’s an quickly inexpensive entry stage for anybody curious about the Fuse software package platform but doesn’t want to pony up for a G-DEC of similar wattage.


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